Stop Looking Like Where You’re Coming From (I)

Winning Wisdom With David Adeoye|

Mark 10:46-52 – God told the Israelites to eat the Passover meal, dressed up as though they are ready to travel immediately after the meal. After the meal, they still stayed a while in Egypt before God actually granted them the deliverance. Why did God asked them to be well dressed while taking the meal? He wanted them to demonstrate their faith in His promise for them. The promises of God are real but people tend to wait to see a sign before they believe it or act on it. The blind Bartimaeus was told to cheer up even before his transition. He demonstrated his about to start transition by cleaning up and cheering up. Every transition in your life as a believer will be made possible by your faith demonstration. God wanted to strengthen the weak, He said; let him say ‘I am strong’. He wanted to prosper the poor, He said; let him say ‘I am rich’.  Faith is not limited to just believing the Word, going to Church, reading the Bible, it’s also about your outlook and your lookout- how do you look? And what are you looking out to?  1 Sam. 1:18 – Hannah had been going to Shiloh all her life but this time, with different perspective and different approach.  You can smile your way out of poverty, sickness, sin, trouble, diseases…and you can frown your way into them. You have a choice to make here.  A fallen countenance is a major sign of doubt and unbelief. If you promise a child to take him out, he will demonstrate it-you can naturally see him beaming with joy. He goes about telling all his friends that he will be going out with you. But if these don’t happen, you should know that the child is not looking forward to an outing with you-probably because he is not interested or he doesn’t believe you.  In the spiritual, you easily become your look. How you look can determine what you become. If you’re easily depressed, you will be cheaply oppressed.  No matter what you’re in right now, there’s a promise for you from God- He is taking you out to a better land. Cheer up and be glad about the promise.  Friend! If you’re expecting it, demonstrate it.

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